3 Sep 2014

Falling Dollar Fallout

Five years ago, dire predictions were a dime a dozen. It was, after all, a very scary time fraught with uncertainty. Amid all of the dreadful forecasts, one bothered me a lot less than the others: the US dollar would collapse leaving Americans pushing around wheelbarrows of worthless cash in order to buy just one loaf of bread like in Germany’s Weimar Republic. The idea was that the Federal Reserve… Read More

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2 Sep 2014

Want Value? Look Overseas at the Shiller PE

Last week, when the S&P 500 closed over the 2,000 mark for the first time, I wrote that the US large cap stocks are on the expensive side, especially if you use one of my preferred metrics, the Shiller PE ratio (a refresher on the Shiller PE ratio can be found here). Over the weekend, I received an email alert from a research firm that I respected and it ranked… Read More