10 Mar 2016

King of Wall Street Remembered

I read a newsletter on and off that always features an obituary.  I know a lot of people read them every day, but I find that a little depressing.  I wrote about David Bowie’s passing back in January, and at the risk of writing too many obits, I thought I would note the death of John Gutfreund yesterday, who was dubbed the King of Wall Street by BusinessWeek magazine. Gutfreund… Read More

14 Aug 2015

What Success Looks Like

A while back, a colleague recommended that I listen to a podcast on Bloomberg called Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz.  On the podcast, Ritholz interviews luminaries from the investment industry (and a few others) and talks about my favorite topic. Although I had listened to one featuring AQR co-founder Cliff Asness, I really didn’t take interest because I had seen Ritholtz on CNBC and didn’t think he was particularly… Read More

14 May 2015

Another Wall Street Soap Opera

You know I love Wall Street soap operas and one just ended yesterday between the activist investor Nelson Peltz and the old-line chemical company, DuPont (ticker symbol: DD).    An activist investor is someone who buys a large stake in a publicly traded company and uses that ownership stake to force management to make major changes.     Being from St. Louis, Carl Icahn is the most famous activist investor in… Read More