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At Acropolis, we are committed to our clients and strive to serve you through trust, outstanding service, sound advice and exceptional results. Our unique philosophy and strategies are based on our extensive knowledge and on our real world experiences. And, we not only preach our philosophy, we believe in it and practice it with our own personal investments.

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Integrity and honest advice above all else, with fiduciary responsibilities and full transparency. Acropolis offers a personal approach to investment management that honors your goals.

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Every client has a team of Acropolitans that meet with you face to face and are dedicated to delivering timely information and responsive personal service at all times.

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Collaboration is our strong suit. Our team gets to know you, your financial objectives and your life goals. Then, we work together, to set the course for success.

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By applying the same investment philosophy and investing alongside our clients, we stay keenly aware of the risks and opportunities that we all face in the market.

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27 Aug 2014

Rising Interest Rates

Rising interest rates have been a concern among bond investors for many years.  The Federal Reserve is signaling that they remain on track to raise interest rates in 2015, which means that the wait may be finally over. Beginning in May 2013, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury increased roughly one percentage point over the last seven months of the year, resulting in a 2.02% loss for the Barclay… Read More

29 Aug 2014

Retire Your Mortgage or Retire With Your Mortgage?

I am frequently asked whether you should pay off your mortgage prior to retiring. The calculus is a little trickier today than it was five or ten years ago because interest rates are so low now. According to 2011 data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 81 percent of Americans age 65 and older own a home and 30 percent of those homeowners still carry a mortgage. Ten years earlier,… Read More

28 Aug 2014

Diversification or Di-worse-ification?

As I described yesterday, the S&P 500 is on a hot streak this year, up 9.68 percent so far this year through yesterday. I should also note that outside of REITs (which I mentioned a few days ago) and Emerging Markets, the S&P 500 is the hottest thing going this year. Given that REITs and Emerging Markets are relatively small portfolio weights, you might not be feeling the benefit from… Read More