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At Acropolis, we are committed to our clients and strive to serve you through trust, outstanding service, sound advice and exceptional results. Our unique philosophy and strategies are based on our extensive knowledge and on our real world experiences. And, we not only preach our philosophy, we believe in it and practice it with our own personal investments.

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Integrity and honest advice above all else, with fiduciary responsibilities and full transparency. Acropolis offers a personal approach to investment management that honors your goals.

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Every client has a team of Acropolitans that meet with you face to face and are dedicated to delivering timely information and responsive personal service at all times.

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Collaboration is our strong suit. Our team gets to know you, your financial objectives and your life goals. Then, we work together, to set the course for success.

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By applying the same investment philosophy and investing alongside our clients, we stay keenly aware of the risks and opportunities that we all face in the market.

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24 Oct 2014

Anatomy of a Short Squeeze

Although it’s come and gone, I am still thinking about the price spike in the 10-year US Treasury note that occurred last Wednesday. Someone from Blackrock told me yesterday that it was the most volatile day for the 10-year since 1980, which implies that it was more volatile than 99.91 percent of all of those trading sessions. You can see from the chart that all of wilding was in the… Read More

23 Oct 2014

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius

Years ago, before the crisis, I read a terrific book by investor Joel Greenblatt titled, ‘You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits.’ Usually a title like that is a turn off for me because it implies that investing is easy and that someone’s behind the curtain who knows the secrets to making money that no one else knows. Despite the title,… Read More

22 Oct 2014

One of the Toughest Decisions You’ll Ever Make

There are many reasons to establish trusts including the efficient transfer of wealth, avoiding probate, philanthropic commitments, tax reduction, or protecting assets, among other things. Ten years ago, the tax reduction benefits were applicable to more people because the estate tax exemption (the threshold where estate taxes kick in) was $1.5 million. Today, the exemption is $5.34 million and, therefore, affects far fewer people. That doesn’t mean that you don’t… Read More