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Integrity and honest advice are our top priorities with fiduciary responsibilities and full transparency. Acropolis offers a personal approach to investment management that honors your goals.

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10 Feb 2016

Predictions are Really, Really Hard

Nearly as soon as we sent out yesterday’s Daily Insights where I said that the banking system is far less leveraged today than it was in 2008 (click here for the article), I saw this article in the New York Times: ‘As Worries Mount, European Banks Face Sell-Off More Savage Than 2008’ (click here for the article, though a subscription may be required). The article says that European banks are… Read More

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9 Feb 2016

Why This Isn’t Another 2008

In December of 2008, I went to a new client meeting and made a call: ‘I don’t think we are in a second Great Depression.’ With the benefit of hindsight, that doesn’t seem like much of a prediction, because we know after the fact that gross domestic product (GDP) only fell -4.3 percent during the 2008 global financial crisis, which is small compared to the estimated -15.0 percent decline in… Read More

5 Feb 2016

Interest Rates in Perspective

So far, 2016 has been full of surprises, but most of the attention has gone to wildly volatile oil and stock prices.  Less noticed, but equally important, has been the boost on bond prices, as seen by the dramatic fall in bond yields. The 10-year US Treasury note, the bellwether benchmark, started out the year yielding 2.27 percent, 10 basis points (a basis point is one hundredth of one percent)… Read More