Acropolis works with investments, but we also invest in personal relationships.

Our Mission is to offer our clients objective, honest advice above all else. With integrity, fiduciary responsibilities and full transparency, we present a collaborative, personalized approach to investment management.

We value honesty and personal relationships.

When Acropolis was formed, any business structure could have been established. We chose to structure our company as a Registered Investment Advisor and accept the accompanying fiduciary responsibility that requires us to put client’s interests first.

We value our clients’ objectives.

We often preach taking the path with the least risk. When working to establish our client’s goals, we also work strategically to reduce the risk necessary to meet those goals.

We value the process.

Given that we can’t predict or control markets, we focus on the things that we can control. Having clearly defined and disciplined practices in place helps us manage risk and reduce the powerful emotional influences that can dramatically affect an investment portfolio.

We value your success.

We invest alongside our clients, using the same investment approach, philosophy and security selection strategy. This may seem obvious, but there are many people in the investment business who don’t follow their own advice. John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard mutual funds, said that among the 4,356 equity mutual funds, 53.1 percent of the fund managers didn’t own a single share of the funds they managed. We believe that putting our own money at risk in the same securities as our clients keeps us keenly aware of the risks and opportunities.