First, we understand the organization’s situation and objectives. Then, we develop a plan to accomplish the stated goals.

At Acropolis, we begin with the fundamental belief that each organization’s starting point should be to construct a portfolio with the least amount of embedded risk required to accomplish the desired outcome.

Non-Bank Portfolio

Our non-bank portfolios (endowments, labor organizations, not-for-profits, pension and profit-sharing plans, insurance companies, etc.) typically include a diversified blend of stocks and bonds which are invested across multiple asset classes. We approach the markets with a long-term view and manage in a low-turnover, tax-efficient manner seeking to maximize the risk adjusted total return while meeting required cash flow needs.

Bank Portfolio

Bank portfolio clients require a substantially different investment management process. Banks have very specific mandates and restrictions for their portfolio. The management of bank portfolios is typically based upon a spread to the funding base rather than total return. Additionally, the portfolio may incorporate goals beyond income maximization, including: regulatory liquidity, use as collateral and/or a tool to manage balance sheet duration gap.

We work alongside our banking clients, collaborating to meet all the Institution’s needs.

In addition to security selection and trade execution, we participate in the Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO), contribute to the creation of investment policies, and demonstrate the effect that the securities portfolio has on the bank’s balance sheet.

In all cases, Acropolis provides comprehensive reporting in an easy-to-understand format, allowing trustees to monitor the investments and execute every aspect of their fiduciary duty related to the portfolio. Regardless of the type of Institution, Acropolis can help create and execute a plan for protecting assets and achieving goals.