We are fiduciaries because we act in our clients’ best interests. We act in our clients’ best interests because we are Acropolis.

Becoming a fiduciary was a simple decision because it was the right decision. As an SEC-registered investment advisor, we are obligated to do what’s best for those who trust us with their investments. Of the estimated 12,000 registered investment advisers in the United States, Acropolis is one of a few hundred that are certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence.

It’s easy to say we do what’s best for our clients.
Here’s how we do it.

Investments:  We provide advice that is rooted in empirical evidence, including Modern Portfolio Theory.

Safeguarding Assets:  We work with two established, secure broker dealers to take custody of your funds and execute trades.

Fees:  We are completely transparent about our fee structure from the outset of the relationship. Additionally, Acropolis does not recommend investments where clients pay a commission.

Knowing Our Clients:  We take time to understand your goals. And those can only be understood after we get to know you as a person, your financial situation and your ambitions. That information and bond allows us to customize a plan to meet your needs.

Mitigate Conflicts of Interest:  We openly disclose any potential conflicts of interest and design policies and procedures to mitigate them.

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As a fiduciary, as a team, as a trusted partner, we are interested in building the best plan for you.