Acropolis has the knowledge and experience to help every type of client reach their specific goals and objectives.

Acropolis serves three kinds of investors: Private Clients, Institutional Investors and Company Sponsored Retirement Plans (i.e., 401(k) plans). Each of these investor types wants to maximize returns while minimizing risks, but each requires a slightly different discipline.

Private Clients

Private clients are comprised of high net worth individuals and require top quality investment management. But they also need unbiased advice about their financial situation. We have developed tools to help clients make more informed decisions to meeting their goals, while taking the least amount of risk possible.

Business Transition planning is a need that we have helped our private clients plan for effectively. The Acropolis Business Liquidity for Entrepreneurs (A.B.L.E.) program helps owners prepare for transition. We understand that transitions are time consuming and complicated. Our team will be there during the planning process, up to the actual transition and beyond.

Institutional Investors

Institutional investors also need advice, but depending on the kind of organization, the advice will vary widely. For example, an endowment may have similar objectives to a Private Client but is tax-exempt and has an infinite time horizon. A bank, however, may have very specific liability matching objectives depending on their capital requirements. We support all facets.

The Bank Services Group brings the transparent, consultative approach to managing private client portfolios to the banking industry. Because we serve clients on a fee-only basis, we are able to give truly unbiased advice.

Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans are very different because trustees are helping participants meet their goals within a very tight regulatory environment. Plans have substantial technical and compliance requirements and the investment selections need to be flexible enough to provide for beneficiaries who are young with a long time horizon as well as those about to retire.

Acropolis has the knowledge and experience to help each one of these client types with their specific goals and objectives.