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Integrity and honest advice are our top priorities with fiduciary responsibilities and full transparency. Acropolis offers a personal approach to investment management that honors your goals.


Every client has a team of Acropolitans that meet with you face to face and are dedicated to delivering timely information and responsive personal service at all times.


Collaboration is our strong suit. Our team gets to know you, your financial objectives and your life goals. Then, we work together, to set the course for success.


By applying the same investment philosophy and investing alongside our clients, we stay keenly aware of the risks and opportunities that we all face in the market.

15 Jul 2024

Tech vs. the World

Last week, Minjung Son sent the Investment Committee some information showing that the total market value of all emerging market stocks was about $10 trillion. Ryan Craft chuckled and said that was about equal to the three largest stocks in the US. Although I’ve written about how concentrated the US market is and how emerging markets haven’t done all that well in recent years, I was amazed that three stocks… Read More

10 Jul 2024

Portfolio Insights

We are pleased to provide a digital copy of Portfolio Insights, our quarterly newsletter. Table of Contents: Stock Market Summary Bond Market Review The Anxiety of Private Markets Inside the Economy: Inflation The Big Picture Click here to read the issue: Q2 2024 Portfolio Insights

8 Jul 2024

When will we feel the benefit of higher interest rates?

One of my favorite long-time readers and clients asked me a good question last week, which was: As I recall, David, you said that eventually, higher interest rates would be a benefit. If my recollection is correct, when will that be? It’s such a great question, and I thought I would answer it for everyone, but unfortunately, my answer is a little mealy-mouthed: it depends. It depends on how high… Read More