8 Apr 2016

Healthy Aging: Building Your Social Network

This is the third part in a series on the successful transition to retirement. The first article addressed The Challenge of Leisure and was followed by Why Put Family First.  This one will expand from family to your broader social network. As a reminder, researchers have shown that strong social relationships keep us younger, healthier, and lower our mortality risk.  In addition to living longer, healthy people lead happier lives in… Read More

29 Mar 2016

Healthy Aging: Why Put Family First

This is the second part in a series on the successful transition to retirement.  The first article addressed The Challenge of Leisure and this one will dive a little deeper into the family dynamic, which typically effects everyone in the house, not just the person retiring. My parents had close friends (whom I will call George and Martha).  My dad and George served in the Navy together.  George went on to… Read More

22 Mar 2016

Healthy Aging: The Challenge of Leisure

The transition to retirement is a major milestone and Acropolis helps our clients make a successful transition.  Retiring is often equated with having more leisure time.  However, clients should have a strategy for healthy aging. Leisure is an important part of life which provides many benefits.  A few of these are: time to recharge our batteries, give us something to look forward to, and provides a change of pace in… Read More

23 Feb 2016

Time and Transparency

Today, we have a special Daily Insights courtesy of Michael Lissner: John Wanamaker, a man few of us have heard of, has impacted our lives and saved us time.  Wanamaker became a prominent Philadelphia retailer with a reputation for honesty and transparency.  He made his mark as a merchandising genius, as well as inventor. One great contribution he made was to save people time.  In particular, he wanted to save… Read More