27 Jan 2016

Drawdowns Part Deux

Yesterday’s insight on drawdowns was quite popular and enough people asked for the same thing, so I thought I would do an immediate update.  (Click here for the original post.) The first request was for the full history of the S&P 500 since yesterday’s chart only went back 25 years.  I picked 25 years somewhat randomly, but mostly because the other chart that went with it was difficult to read going… Read More

26 Jan 2016

Drawdowns Help Visualize Losses

Until I read the book ‘Hedge Hogging’ by Barton Biggs before the 2008 financial crisis, I had never heard the term ‘drawdown,’ which refers to the peak-to-trough decline of an investment or market. A drawdown measures the depth and length of a decline and illustrates how long it takes to earn back money lost from the last peak. It’s a commonly used term in the hedge fund community, partly because… Read More