10 Nov 2016

Mr. Trump Meets Mr. Market

Most people probably caught the wild swings in the Dow and S&P 500, from a five percent drop in futures trading overnight to a 1.1 percent higher close, with most of the action in the 30 minutes before the market opened. Small cap stocks, which gained 3.1 percent during the trading session are particularly interesting because their relative performance to large cap stocks can be viewed as a signal of… Read More

9 Nov 2016

What the Election Means for Your Portfolio

Just as markets were surprised when British voters elected to leave the European Union, markets wrongly expected Clinton to win last night. When it first became apparent that Trump had a credible path to victory around 10:30 pm CST last night, markets turned negative with futures on the Dow Jones showing a decline of -750 points. In addition to falling stock prices, bond prices rose sharply, with the yield on… Read More