4 Nov 2014

The Perils of Non-Traded REITs

You may not be surprised to know that there is a steady stream of salesman that come through our doors talking about their mutual funds, exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) and other products that they want us to buy on your behalf. The vast, vast majority of meetings do not sway how we invest your money, but I do like to listen just in case there is something out there that we haven’t… Read More

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26 Aug 2014

The Unique Benefits of REITs

As the S&P 500 continues to break new records, another asset class has handily outperformed the stock market so far this year: REITs. REIT is short for Real Estate Investment Trust and refers to securities (corporations or trusts in most cases) that own and operate income-producing commercial real estate. REITs are an attractive way to build a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate since the barrier to entry for a… Read More

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