Remembering Dan Esser

On the morning of Tuesday, April 18th, Acropolis received the terrible news that Dan Esser passed away earlier that morning.

It’s always upsetting when someone young dies unexpectedly, and Dan was just 57.  He had been in the office the day before, following three weeks of recovery from a routine surgery.  He was in good spirits and, by all outward appearances, seemed fine.

Acropolis is a tight-knit place, in part because almost everyone sits together in one big room.  Sometimes privacy is an issue, but the open seating arrangement allows for real relationships to develop over time and Dan had been with us for almost a dozen years.  The news hit us hard.

Dan was a wonderful person; thoughtful, principled and kind.  Every person in the office has a story about how he helped them with a detail about Social Security, remembered their birthday or simply had fun recounting the game from the night before.  He was a real pleasure to work with, and he will be sorely missed by his entire Acropolis family.

Please say a prayer for Dan, his wife Linda, his daughter Rachel, and his family and friends.  His obituary and some remembrances can be found here and here.