Tubman Unseats Jackson, Saves Hamilton

Last June, we learned that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was considering dumping THE original American financier, Alexander Hamilton, from the face of the $10 bill.

Instead, Lew wanted the ten spot to feature an important American woman, an idea that we can all support.  But Hamilton?  Why get rid of Hamilton, why not get rid of Andrew Jackson – he wasn’t so hot, how did he get on the $20?

I asked you to sign a survey at the White House website and a surprising number of you followed the link to join the ‘Save Alexander Hamilton’ campaign (click here for the article).

Well, I’m pleased to report that Lew heard the people and announced yesterday that Hamilton would keep his current job and that anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman would replace Jackson on the $20.

If you ask me, it’s a ‘win-win’ deal because Hamilton stays put and Tubman is elevated to the $20, which you could argue is twice as good as the $10!

It’s nice to know that the government can get it right now and again.  It’s been written that the success of the play ‘Hamilton’ was part of the reason that the Feds decided to keep him as is.  Who would have thought that Broadway would inform the Treasury about the currency?

However it happened, I’m happy for Harriet Tubman and Alexander Hamilton, two great Americans that deserve their spots on our cash.