10 Dec 2018

Yield Curve Inversion: What It Means for Investors

Last week, the phrase ‘inverted yield curve’ exploded from the confines of a trading room to the everyday world. It hit me when I went to a holiday cocktail party after work one night and someone said, ‘oh, I heard that the stock market is down because something else is upside down.  I guess the whole world is upside down!’ Before we get into what happened last week, let’s take… Read More

20 May 2016

Know A Banker? Love a Banker?

Yesterday, Ryan Craft and Cliff Reynolds sent out their email newsletter, ALM Insights.  If you don’t know what ALM stands for, it just means that you’re not a banker (it stands for Asset Liability Management). As you know, banks take deposits from folks like you and me and lend the money out to consumers and businesses.  But they can’t loan out all of the money that they take in, they… Read More

6 Apr 2016

Yield Curve Madness

Bond yields continued their downward march and fell to a five-week low yesterday as the yield on the 10-year US Treasury hit 1.73 percent.  After starting the year at 2.24 percent, the benchmark yield dropped to 1.63 percent when the stock market bottomed out on February 11th and then climbed to 1.98 percent before falling again. As low as your yields are today, they are among the highest in the… Read More